An age-old story brought to our tables

The Malvasia grape originates from Greece, probably due to an Italian deformation of the original name of the Greek town of Monemvasia.

In Mallorca, this variety is practically exclusive to the Banyalbufar area, a nomenclature that comes from Arabic and means “vineyards by the sea”.

For many centuries, Malvasia grew on the spectacular slopes of the Banyalbufar mountains, on terraces designed by the Arabs during the 11th century that made cultivation possible on a very steep and complicated coastline.

The Malvasia of Banyalbufar

In 1891, due to the poor resistance of the vines to phylloxera, a disease that affects vines, planting was abandoned for many years in this part of the island. It was not until 1999 that a project financed by the Government of the Islands succeeded in creating virus-free Malvasia clones with very good agronomic and oenological characteristics.

In 2006, the Malvasía de Banyalbufar became the first and, to date, the only Malvasía in Spain with a health certificate.

Ca'n Pico

The Ca’n Pico winery is located in the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana, with its special microclimate between the sea and the mountains and its limestone and marl soils. Its vineyards are spread over four plots, planted on terraces facing the sea.

Historically, the winery’s objective has been to obtain perfect wines with a particular and unique character and personality, which is why production is limited and exclusive.

A tour of the vineyards of Ca'n Pico